Sex in school? No problem, only in sex school

Sex in school? No problem, only in sex school


Many people believe that sex is a deeply intimate thing, and you can make it only in private. A resourceful Austrian sex teacher thinks differently.

Ylva Maria Thompson opened the first international sex school in the world. Ylva Maria promises to teach everyone in the world to have sex.

Sex in school? No problem, only in sex schoolA teacher at the International School of Sex promises to teach the art of seducing and satisfaction for only 1400 pounds. To enter this school is very simple – it’s enough to be over 16, to go to Austria and join the school.

The students will live in mixed dorms, where students of both sexes will work together to do homework. At the end of training, the graduates, of course, will receive the certificates. And the most diligent students may obtain a degree in the field of sexual science.

The principal of the new school said:

– Our education is not theoretical, it is very practical. The main emphasis of the course of study: how to become the best lover or mistress.

The training program includes such subjects: sex positions, foreplay techniques, anatomical features of men and women, the types of orgasms and how to achieve them.

The press secretary of the school commented on the opening of sex school:

– We are confident that the school will enjoy great popularity, because many people do not have skills in the sexual sphere.

Ylva Maria has hatched the idea of such a school for a long time, she’s carefully selected the staff, looked for like-minded people. Now she hopes that her school sex will be a huge success.

At the present time, this school is considered scandalous throughout the world. In Austria, many public figures are actively protesting against the sex school.

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