Sex against cellulite

Sex against cellulite


Sex against celluliteIt turns out, the best nutritionists and beauticians waste their time trying to solve the problem of cellulite. The most perfect way to combat cellulite have long been found. And, according to German scientists, orgasm and sex will help you to prevent it.

The findings of scientific research are very optimistic: the woman who often has orgasms, has an increased level of endorphins, estrogen and serotonin in blood. It is these hormones which directly affect the prevention of “orange peel” – cellulite – hated by female population.

German scientists proved that women who have a quality and regular sex life, are less likely to suffer from cellulite in the area of the buttocks and thighs.

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The most important thing is to have sex regularly, then the results will be outstanding. You should also keep in mind that half an hour of active intimate exercises with your favorite substitute a 15-minute work-out and burn 350 calories.

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