Falling asleep immediately after sex

Men can’t be blamed for falling asleep immediately after sex!


It’s no secret that women whose men fall asleep immediately after sex, feel insecure and unhappy.

Psychologists of the University of Michigan stress that arms and talk after sex are the most important thing in a relationship. And the way the couple spends time after having sex, is not less important than lovemaking itself.

Falling asleep immediately after sexScientists decided to ask all the sex details of 456 heterosexual men. The author of the survey Dr. Daniel Kruger found out that women want warmth the most when their partners fall asleep. At the same time, he learned shocking details – all men surveyed say they fall asleep after sex.

Dr. Krueger and his co-author Susan Hughes of Albright College in Pennsylvania decided to reconcile men and women in the matter of falling asleep after sex.

It turns out that the fact that men fall asleep after sex is the consequence of evolution and some chemical processes in their bodies. The scientists found out that men fall asleep after sex unconsciously, that is, not on purpose, and not because they don’t care about the partner.

It was quite the contrary. A man who is satisfied and happy with the woman, quickly falls asleep, because his body actively produces the hormones oxytocin and prolactin. It is these hormones which produce sedation and calm the man.

Dr. Kruger added:

– The men, in evolutionary terms, have more incentives to spare their strength in order to continue their reproductive function, while women have more incentives to strengthen the relationship.

Thus, it is evolution which prevents men from sleeping after sex, according to its laws, he as a polygamous creature must spare his strength for other contacts in order to continue the race.

Why don’t women fall asleep after sex

The scientists have two versions about it, both of which are justified by the most ancient instincts. According to the first version, a woman doesn’t fall asleep and tries to talk to the man in order to reduce the chances of unfaithfulness. That is the woman tries to “exhaust” the man with talks, so that he had no strength to think about having sex with another one.

According to the second version, a woman does not fall asleep after sex, because the old instinct tells her to protect the peace of his men from all sorts of attacks. Scientists have even published the study in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology.

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