First date and sex

First date and sex


First date and sexSo … the first date!

Manipulating people is an art – art, not only to convince the person, but also to control yourself, sometimes going against yourself, in spite of lust. The purpose of this manipulation is one – to turn a slight feeling of love of your beloved Knight into something more.

Typically, the first date always turns into a kind of a game or a fight between a man and a woman. A representative of  the stronger sex, hoping to meet his physical needs, conquers a woman, which in turn firmly defends her position, “sex on the first date is not relevant” in order to turn flirtation into strong relationship.

The final of a successful date for women: man’s proposal to meet again.

How do women achieve this? They use an unwritten rule: “sex taboo on the first date”. Disadvantaged pride, resentment, make men finish what they started, have sex with the woman, for all one is worth.

You must be prepared for the date. The phrase “I do not want” must be born in mind, do not hesitate to tell it to your partner. In this case, the refusal must be argued. You must make it clear, that you will have sex, but later, you also dream to continue dating, dream of a second and one hundred and second date, that you like him, that you’ll have it all, but … later. And now you need some time, to learn the feelings.

When a woman is ready to have sex immediately, that makes men wary, hunting interest is lost. It is boring.

Why does a man offer to have sex on the first date.

1. It offers sex on the first date to every woman. Date for him is just an excuse to spend another night with another frivolous victim.
2. You’re extremely provocative for the first meeting, and he thinks you agree to sex.
3. Or maybe he didn’t like you, and he decides to offer sex to get rid of you (at worst) or to justify the time spent for the benefit of the body.

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