Experiment: Skype sex

Experiment: Skype sex



What is needed:

  • qualitative “Skype” connection
  • location
  • mood

Organizational issues were settled quickly: we found a qualitative Skype connection and the place for communication. It was more difficult to put yourself in a good mood. My husband is a reserved person, he remained calm, which can’t be said about me. I even begged my sister: “Can you do that for me?” – “With your husband?” – she laughed and closed the door. She found it ridiculous …


Experiment: Skype sexTalking on the phone is one thing. Video call – is another. Nature has endowed my partner in the experiment with a fit body, and he also does aikido. Therefore, my husband only had a shower and wore jeans (over his naked body ).

I have a good figure, size 44-46, a little cellulite, but I had a baby (caesarean), year of nursing and I exercised irregularly. But I was determined that I could look not worse than cover-girls. I spent a lot of money on new lingerie, belt, stockings, dressing gown, beauty salon, solarium, body oil (to sparkle and shine) In addition I bought … shoes on high heels. Now I’m fully ready!


Big deal, “Skype” and husband. Though it it was very difficult for the first few minutes. I was very shy, and I was worrying about only two questions: whether I looked fat on the other side of the screen and if I looked silly pretending a porn star.

Fortunately, Dennis quickly dispelled all my doubts about the appearance and behavior giving admiring comments, and quite visible arguments. I realized that the experiment proceeded successfully, I was relaxed and horny. We talked a little bit (“You’re so beautiful, like in a movie” – “You make me horny”), But these words were enough.

It was over quicker (22 minutes) than we expected. And almost together. Though we have never had problems with the latter.


“Skype”, which I was so afraid of, appeared the most interesting. As it soon became clear, this part of the experiment had a long lasting effect. When my husband came to take me home, it took great efforts to wait for coming home. We had an irresistible desire to have sex in the car.

Later, sharing experiences, we were like children, who first visited the amusement park. And I realized that it was not necessary to arrange a massive erotic preparation. But the lingerie and fit body contributed the excitement and anticipation!

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