Experiment 2: icq sex

Experiment 2: ICQ sex



Denis went on a business trip to a nearby town for a couple of days. He called me and said that he had access to the Internet and no neighbor: “Well, we can try sex using icq, the night is young!”

Frankly speaking, I had other plans for the night. I planned to work a little, and then go to sleep, lying in my bed like a starfish. But the experiment and responsibility pushed personal priorities.


My husband told me, he did not do anything special. Just sat down and signed in. I took a bubble bath – I had to tune in and relax. After that, I wrapped in my favorite towel, sat down at the computer.


Experiment 2: icq sexI have to say – not very interesting. First, we need to coordinate our actions: get horny, think how you feel, express it in words, type these very words, wait for an answer – and all over again. Perhaps, if it were our first experiment, we would do our best. But since we have already had two orgasm at the distance, we had something to compare with. Actually, it was not in favor of ICQ. Sex was somehow soulless, impersonal. You can’t here the voice. You can’t see the partner. And then what? Only letters. But I tried to do my best and described all my sexual desires and fantasies.

It took us quite a lot of time (about 30 minutes), when my husband (he always writes in detail and accurately) began to make mistakes, he didn’t finish the phrases and wrote something unimaginable in general. I realized that we are about to perform the task by 50%.

What was I to do? Do it with my hands? But then the result will not have a relation to sex on ICQ. Then, I … simulated orgasm. On “ICQ”. However, later I said my husband about it truthfully. He would have learned it from the article.


Using ICQ you can say things that for some reason it is difficult for you to say loud. For example, I gladly described my husband the things I liked about him. I praised his body, his ability to satisfy me. I rarely say him about it. I’m too shy. I’m not accustomed to praise the man. Later, Dennis said that those confessions made him horny. Maybe one day I will repeat this experiment.

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