Choosing seductive lingerie for sex

Choosing seductive lingerie for sex


“To be fully prepared for sex” – is a special and very many-sided expression in women’s language. It includes a number of components, but one of the most important is undoubtedly beautiful lingerie. Something that will make a man want you even more.

The concept of seductive clothes can be different, and even opposite. Therefore it is important to know what men like.


Choosing seductive lingerie for sexMen’s favorite color is red. The girl in red underwear, in their opinion, is very sexy. This is not surprising. Red is a color of passion, it causes respective associations. A woman in red is perceived as self-confident, passionate, sexy, who knows how to please both herself and her man. Dark tones with cherry shade or bright and vibrant red are also great – though avoid pink. By the way, pink and blue aren’t favorite colors among most of men, and this trend is unlikely to change.

The second color which is an absolute favorite – is black. Monotonous black lingerie makes any image sexy. Black lace lingerie is associated with sexy ladies, who are experts in sex matters and have big erotic ambitions. In this case, the fabric should be translucent, so that a man had a feeling that the girls is half-naked, and all the curves of the figure can be seen quite clearly.

The third color, oddly enough, is white. The main thing is that the underwear was snow-white (not with a touch of cream, yellow, gray or other colors), and lace. Consider that the such underwear looks great at the background of dark or tanned girl. If a girl is white-skinned, it looks dull and bad.

In addition, “animal” theme is very popular among men: leopard, tiger and spotty lingerie items are also considered very seductive.


Perhaps you will be surprised, but men prefer lace shorts or samba panties on ladies. Thongs, despite its obvious sexuality, do not take the first place – as the lady must have a perfect figure to wear them.

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