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5 myths about sex


Any woman is confident that she knows almost everything about sex. But in practice it turns out that some of our beliefs are, alas, only a myth.

Myth number 1. The bigger nose, the bigger dick

In order to estimate the size of a cock, you have to look at his nose (or at his thumb, or the size of his feet.) Alas, German physiologists disappoint us – no such connection was found. Recall, incidentally, that this approach, in principle, is wrong. Even if it were true – there is no special sense to know the size of a dick in a static condition. The whole thing is erection – the bigger the original “size” of dick, the less it increases in size during the erection and vice versa.

5 myths about sex - photo2Myth number 2. Only women imitate orgasm

Unfortunately, this technique is also used by men (as shown by one of the studies carried out in Europe, at least 16% of men did it at least once) – for the same reason, incidentally, as women – despite the fact that they themselves do not reach the orgasm, they want the partner was satisfied and happy. Naturally,  it is a little more difficult to imitate male orgasm – men have to explain the absence of sperm. But on the other hand, how often you look at the content of a used condom or you know how to distinguish lubricant of your body of his sperm?

Myth number 3. Size matters

It is difficult not to agree with this statement! Of course, size does matter … for man self-esteem, and everything else is secondary. For women, this parameter is important only until “a long question” will not be solved with the help of properly chosen poses. Or until it appears that this particular woman has, first and foremost, not a vaginal but a clitoral orgasm. These women, by the way, are the majority (approximately 70%).

Myth number 4. Best sex – with pretty woman

This is true about half the cases. The fact is that beautiful women are usually in harmony with their bodies and feel wonderful. The result of this harmony is great sex. But all other women who do not have model parameters, but have a sense of dignity, irrefutability in bed are also great in bed: they do not suck in the stomach to hide the extra fat, do not agree to make love in only one position – in the best possible perspective, hiding cellulite and they do not decide to sit on a new diet at precisely the wrong moment.

Myth number 5. You don’t need your brain to make sex

In fact – you do! To make sex you need that kind of intelligence that is called emotional. The results of the latest notorious British study are striking! Women with high emotional intelligence – having the ability to realize and manage their own emotions and the ability to understand other people’s emotions, have more orgasms, because it’s easy for them to fantasize about erotic themes and they can concentrate on what is happening “here and now”.

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