Why do men throw up women: 10 real reasons

Why do men throw up women: 10 real reasons


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Only a few men can say honestly why he is leaving. Most of them prefer to say common phrases which have very little useful information.

Do you want to know why they do it? We present you the results of the study conducted on the site – wotwentwrong.com. Please note – it’s only half of cases when it was woman’s fault, so if you were dumped, do not blame yourself that you didn’t get on with him.

  1. He is not ready for the (new) relationships;
  2. He has a feeling that he meant nothing to her;
  3. Why do men throw up women: 10 real reasonsShe is not well-groomed;
  4. She wants to have sex very rarely;
  5. We have a lot of quarrels;
  6. He has another woman;
  7. She is too hairy;
  8. We’re too different;
  9. She is always late;
  10. She is a bad kisser.

What were the reasons of break up, that men tell you when they were leaving? Please tell us in the comments!
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