Girl after break-up

How we behave after a break-up


How men behave after a break-up

Men after break-upThe results of the study, conducted by one of the online dating sites are as follows: every forth man quickly falls in love with another woman. In order to recover, the stronger sex needs … four weeks. Thus, they have a defence mechanism that protects male ego.

Instead of licking their wounds and trying to remember what and when was done wrong, men cease to think about the past and look to the future. It doesn’t mean they want to beat fire with fire. This behaviour show that they are inclined to think that nothing can be done, what happened is what happened. In that case you need to accept that and continue to live.

How women behave after a break-up

Men’s tactics is to look ahead, to the future – it has little to do with the most common female strategy. According to the study mentioned above, 40% of women need a little more than a year in order to “digest” a break-up. It is clear that with this approach, a new relationship is out of the question in most cases. Many women consider a break up a great chance to improve on their lives. Instead of rushing into a new love, they start to analyze the past in order to understand what happened.

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Women have another feature of recovering from a break up: a woman usually looks for the reason of breaking up in herself, not in a man. Break-up is perceived as a personal defeat. Her meaning of life is becoming for a while a search of her own mistakes, “What have I done or said wrong? At what point was it still possible to fix it?”. Because of this dive into the past, women spend more time trying to get rid of their emotional dependence on ex-partner.

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