Best female qualities - photo1

Best female qualities


Cosmo found out what traits a girl should have for her dreams of eternal love to come true.

You are an inspired listener

A man is looking for the one that is able to listen to everything that he cares about – from problems with the boss to the selection of jigs for fishing. Attention! It is prohibited to listen and paint your nails (stroke a cat, view friends on the social network, do online shopping) at the same time. What is allowed? A close look and clarifying questions.

Best female qualities - photo2You know how to “turn on the bitch”

If he is regularly late or if he does not call you, as promised, it is possible that he is checking the limits, as well as your ability to show him that he is acting like a mean person. A good man appreciates a woman that respects herself enough to challenge him.

You’ve got your personal space

Independence is one of the sexiest qualities. So do not skip macrame classes or Gujarati courses in favor of the next date. Following your own schedule shows: you are an interesting and self-sufficient person.

You often laugh

No, no, it does not mean that he dreams that you are one of those girls that always laugh without a reason. A man wants you to appreciate his sparkling humor. When you have a good laugh at his jokes, it works as acai berry, guarana extract and vitamins C, B1 and B12 simultaneously: he spreads his wings. He also thinks how lucky he is, because you have an extremely easy and carefree nature.

Voice Search

British scientists have proved that the girl with a pleasant tone of voice is much more attractive to men than the girl who looks more attractive, but too loud. It’s your genes which are responsible for that. “Correct” timbre excites the parts of the brain responsible for reproductive functions. Thus, if your voice attracts him, he unconsciously picks the mother to his future children.

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