The most common misconceptions about methods of contraception.

The most common misconceptions about methods of contraception.


Currently, information about contraception is very available. It can be found in the media, advertising, fashion women’s magazines, and radio. There are many different methods of contraception. The most common misconceptions about methods of contraception.Having tried a few more acceptable, you can choose one that is appropriate for you. And the fact that the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions is great enough, speaks of our levity and not of the lack of information. According to statistics of the World Health Organization, 20% of pregnancies end in abortion per year, and 40% of them – at the request of a woman. And, as it turned out, the birth rate in Russia is twice less than abortions.

Those who want to avoid abortion, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, and those who want to have a healthy desired baby, have to deal with the matter. I’ll try to refute some old beliefs that your mother, girlfriend and friends on Internet forums could tell you.

Misbelief 1.

Misbelief which broke thousands of lives – it is “impossible” to get pregnant the first time.

It is possible! Chances of getting pregnant the first time are equal to any other, and it doesn’t matter what it is “first” for you, thus special. Pregnancy occurs when a male germ cell meets the egg and fertilizes it. And it does not matter whether it’s the first time or not.

It is believed that condom is the best method of contraception for the first sexual intercourse. It protects against potential infections.

Misbelief 2.

You can not get pregnant during the period.

Really there is little chance, but there is! Most likely, this is true for women with long periods. As it is known, that a germ cell can be in the mucosa of the female organs for up to seven days, and all this time it is able to fertilize. That is, by the time of ovulation an unwanted meeting with the egg may occur, and as a result unplanned pregnancy.

Misbelief 3.

Contraception use is harmful to health.

“Old” hormonal pills really had negative effect on the body, causing thrombosis and heart disease. The benefits of the use of modern contraception in any case exceed the risk of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Hormones in the modern contraceptives are similar to the hormones in our bodies, close to natural. If the drug is carefully chosen by the doctor, it will help to stabilize the weight, improve the condition of hair and skin, get rid of premenstrual pain.

This method of protection, has a number of contraindications, which is why it is important to consultĀ  the doctor when choosing contraception.

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