Wedding ring

The history of the wedding ring


At the wedding, the bride and groom exchange wedding rings as a sign of love and fidelity to each other, and after that they are declared husband and wife. It is very beautiful and romantic.

Few people know that the tradition of wearing the ring on the bride’s finger came to us from the ancient Rome. Previously it was done purely for commercial purposes.

At the time, to marry for love was considered an unattainable luxury, and the marriage was regarded as a good bargain. The groom gave the family ring to the bride, after which she became his wife. This meant that the transaction took place, and the conditions of engagement are fulfilled. Since then it became the custom, the ring became the symbol of marriage.

According to one version, the ring is a symbol of ties.

One ancient legend says that the origin of the ring is connected with the fetters of Prometheus. Zeus freed him from the bonds, but Prometheus had to wear one link of the chain on his finger, as a symbol of their lack of freedom, as the punishment for disobedience.

Wedding ringThe traditions of the ancient peoples of the world supported this symbolism. Some nomadic peoples have an appropriate ritual. After the wedding ceremony, the newly made husband tied his wife’s ankles, so that she could not escape. Yeah, not exactly romantic tradition ….

Civilized Romans brought some changes to the tradition. They didn’t use chains and did not bind their brides. The groom put a ring on the finger of his bride instead, made it clear to others that she belonged to him!

Previously, the wedding ring was pretty simple and did not have any ornaments, but now it can combine several types of precious metals, adorned with gemstones. It all depends on the imagination and the desire of the couple entering into marriage.

In our time, the engagement ring with its round shape symbolizes the endless love and devotion of the spouses, gold – a noble metal – symbolizes purity and innocence. Exchanging rings, the young couple gives vows of eternal love and fidelity.

There are many omens, associated with a wedding ring. Previously, it was beleived that they had mystical properties.

It is believed that no one must try on your ring in order to protect marriage from intrusion from the outside. The loss of the ring is also a bad omen.

In ancient times it was believed that after the wedding, you can not take off your wedding ring, if it becomes cool, love will escape.

Some people have a family tradition to pass on the wedding rings from parents to their children if their marriage was successful.

In some countries they do not take off the engagement ring till the birth of the first child.

Perhaps, you should not pay attention to the superstitions of all kinds, the main thing is that there was love, understanding and loyalty in your family.

Cherish your love, and remember that the engagement ring is not just jewelry.


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