Sex chat or real relationships?

Sex chat or real relationships?


Sex chat or real relationships?

I always wanted to understand what draws people to virtual sex. There are so many sex chats on the Internet, where boys and girls, aunties and uncles, grandparents write to each other something like, “My breath is becoming heavy, my hand slowly crawling on your hip, and then I’ll tear off your panties and … “. Can you imagine a grandmother, having virtual sex?

The son of my friend was constantly hanging on similar sites, he found a girlfriend with whom he was exchanging erotic messages at night, and six months later, she admitted that she was 50 years old. The guy was shocked, and his hunt for such a pastime disappeared completely.

Nevertheless, people like erotic chats? I doubt that simply exchanging letters on the screen, you can get some kind of pleasure. If you still do not know who is sitting on the other side of the monitor, it all turns into a kind of cheap comedy made by an incompetent director.

Perhaps, alone and notorious people gather in these chat rooms? I wish it were so… Many of them have long been married, quite attractive … Maybe they have sexual problems? You can not check it on the web.

Sex chat or real relationships?I am inclined to believe that the problem lies in sexual disorders. Grandfather Freud could have written a thesis, if he had lived up to our time. I think that the fans of virtual sex can not achive a lot in personal life – to make love with a real partner or help him to reach the peak of pleasure …

One failure, the second – it happens to everyone, but we are often mistrustful, and immediately give up, make wrong diagnoses and try to realize ourselves in the virtual field – the nature requires it. Though, chatting, you can only get moral satisfaction. The problem is pushed deep inside, the time passes, and we don’t want to solve it any more. Why should I solve it, when I am a sex bomb or the king of sex in the chat? And then you start to go crazy.

My friend’s husband is no longer interested in her as a woman because of sex chats. It all started quite innocently – he chatted a couple of times, and they laughed together over the messages of ladies who were interested in the new virtual partner, and then … he got involved. And now their family life is almost destroyed. The husband is sitting at the computer at night and during the day. Why? Maybe he did not get a necessary portion of admiration from his wife? Now he has this stuff in abundance. She cries at night in the kitchen, hoping to break the computer with a hammer.

Sex chat is a drug from which only love can heal …

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