Natural love

Natural love


Natural loveThere’s nothing funnier than a declaration of love. If our psychic organization does not have a separate feeling called “Love”, then what a person feels which he calls love? Inside, he feels sympathy and obsessive affection, coupled with the fear of a possible loss, he makes a logical conclusion that all this is probably¬† “love”.

Ask him what love is, and he will have nothing to say – if he has honesty, he will say that he has no clear answer. He has to operate with this concept, because it is awaited from him and even demanded – “Well, when he will declare his feelings?” Therefore, he declares – not to look like an idiot who doesn’t know what love is. In fact, no one knows what it is! Especially those who faithfully believe in love do not know that.

You thought about that and tried to answer the question? Do you know what to answer besides beautiful poetic phrases? Would you look for an answer in poetry, if you were asked what hunger is? No, the hunger is real and you know it very well, it is easy to describe and can show with your finger where you feel it. You do not know anything about love – and certainly not because you’ve never been “hungry”.

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When you were kids, you loved the world around you, but it’s never been a separate sense – you took everything as an amazing reality that did not require any changes. But, even if you knew that word, you would not understand its meaning, because there was nothing to understand. At that time, it was your natural way of looking at things – complete acceptance or no rejection. Like breathing and no illusions about what is better to breath in or out.

Love is not a feeling, it is a mode of perception, inherent in healthy consciousness, and it can only be defined by negation. Love is perception that has no division between black and white. And this is a natural state of a person. However, it is destroyed. We are split into black and white inside and are no longer able to see the world as a whole. It is possible to restore internal integrity, but not by playing a neurotic love that increases the internal division.

Thus, all the words and declarations of love are either lies or a neurosis, which people love to be proud oft. If a “true love” really exists, it is natural love – the one that can not be described by the same reason that it is impossible to bite the donut hole. The absence of a stone in a shoe is not love, it’s just a lack of stone in the shoe.

The more beautiful words you say or hear, the more lie and deception they have. Trust your pure sympathy, follow it, and do not demand more from others. Chasing Phantoms takes a lot of efforts and does not give anything in return. Stop and look around – you are surrounded by beautiful world and lovely people.


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