Love-hotels in Japan

Love-hotels in Japan


Love-hotels in JapanThe people of this country prefer to speak little about the peculiarities of their sex life, but that does not mean that they don’t have it. And this is the case when a picture paints a thousand words.

When, in 1958, Japan officially banned prostitution, the era of love-hotels flourishing began, which have become an alternative to the brothels. Unlike traditional hotels, here, for obvious reasons, the main subject of furnishing – is a double bed, which usually has a built-in light management system, radio and TV (usually with channels showing movies exclusively for adults). Luxury baths are particularly noteworthy, for example, with a built-in Jacuzzi. Today, there is a karaoke, video games and mini-bars in the love-hotel rooms (in addition to sex-toys for an additional fee).

Let’s be honest – these institutions are created in order to implement erotic fantasies. Ambiance and decor of the rooms are to every taste and color – there is a room in Disney-style, rooms looking like trains, spaceships, grottos, etc.

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In the area of Kansai Airport, you can book a room for an hour and a half, but it is rather an exception to the rule. Standard lease time in other areas – is two or three hours. For those who are ready to come here during the day – there is usually a discount. Price of pleasure is very different and depends on the location of the institution.

For the customers to avoid contact with employees, automatic payment is used in love-hotels. A reserved room is opened and closed by itself. Want to leave the room? Send money to the reception by air mail and the door will be opened again. However, in Tokyo’s hotels, a living person can be found behind the counter – but there is a baffle between him and the client through which only the hands giving money are visible.

Love-hotels are popular with students and students living with their parents or in the hostel, and with couples whose houses do not have good sound insulation.

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