Love Horoscope 2012: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius



Since the beginning of 2012, you should expect favorable events.

LibraIn the winter you may meet a person with whom you will be able to have conflicts with parents or loved one. Your natural diplomacy and tact will help to quickly find a compromise and normalize the situation. Do not plan your personal important activities.

In autumn you can relax: a series of hilarious events won’t give a chance for sadness. It is possible that by the end of the year you decide to formalize you relationship with someone you love, or even think about the baby.


This year will become a time to strengthen relationships. It is possible that in the winter you will decide to get married with your beloved one. Your circle of friends will increase in this period. Distant relatives, friends and neighbors – your relations with all these people will be great. If you are at odds with someone, it is in winter when you can try to resume dialogue.

Single Scorpios can meet their love at work. However, don’t scare the object of your sympathy. In the summer you should refrain from new acquaintances. In existing relationships, try to avoid criticism, reproaches to your passion. Remember that there are no ideal people. Since autumn, thing will get better. The atmosphere of trust and understanding will give strength for new achievements.

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The beginning in 2012 will not be very harmonious. There may be difficulties in dealing with people and problems in your personal life. Having decided to cope with problems trying to work hard, you will significantly improve your professional status, you may achieve promotion. In February your personal life will improve. If you are lonely or have recently experienced a breakup, in this period, you can start a new relationship.

Your feelings will be so strong that in the spring you can expect a marriage proposal. Meanwhile, it is recommended to wait with formalization of your relationship until autumn, before making important decisions. At the end of the year, you should pay special attention to the manner of your behavior, actions and words. Only sensitive approach will help you to strengthen your union.

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