Love Horoscope 2012: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces



This year will be very successful for you. You’ll be able to implement many of the plans, creative projects, as well as to achieve prosperity in love.

CapricornIn the winter, single Capricorns may have a long-awaited meeting with your partner. This acquaintance can completely change the way of your life: you will spend less time working and more – for entertainment in the company with the object of your affection.

Try to keep this priority, if you are serious about the continuation of your affair. In the summer, you may face with problems in the family related to household chores and repairs. However, starting from August you will be able to overcome all difficulties and make the relationship more harmonious. If you want to get married, the best time for this is November.


In 2012, you may face with the housing issue. Winter is the best time to make repairs in the apartment or move to other place. This is also an auspicious time for start living together with your loved one. In this case, housework can get you closer to each other and make your relationship more reliable and robust. In the summer, do not make new friends: most likely, they will be unreliable and will bring only bad memories.

Try not to take to heart any problems that arise during this period. If you are alone, you can find happiness abroad. Trips to other countries will bring many interesting people to your life, one of the persons you’ll meet may become your beloved one.


In 2012, Pisces can significantly expand their circle of contacts. Winter is a great time for parties, meeting friends, meeting with new people and traveling. Meanwhile, a number of difficulties is possible in your personal life. Your attitude to the partner will vary from love to indifference. Try to use your intuition to guess his thoughts. Only through the understanding you will be able to eliminate the contradictions.

Analyze your behavior carefully, avoid repeating past mistakes. If you are lonely, the best time for dating is September. New passion will awaken your imagination, inspire to make many creative achievements. But do not throw yourself headlong into the maelstrom of passion. Don’t idealize your man.

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