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Love Horoscope 2012: Cancer, Leo, Virgo



Cancers will have many interesting acquaintances, pleasant events, fulfillment of wishes. In the beginning of the year, it is recommended to spend more time with your family. Loved one and close relatives can provide support, which you need.

Cancer - horoscopeTry not to cling to the past and leave behind your doubts and complexes. Then in the summer you can enjoy increased popularity among the opposite sex.

You will find a lot of flirting, new people. If you were thinking of when to start a new affair, then August if the most favorable for this. But be prepared for the fact that you may face difficulties. Your former love may appear, who will try to renew your former relationship. Think about whether you need it.
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Leo in 2012 will be a success in the key areas of life. The beginning of the year will be the most successful. Do not be afraid to set ambitious plans and implement them. Meanwhile, plan our time in a rational way so that you have enough time for work and personal life. Be more open with your favorite: he may need more TLC.

From May to September, it is recommended to refrain from traveling: there may be conflicts. In June, a special attention should be given to your health. Don’t drink alcohol, choose spa procedures and a healthy diet. Fall is a great time for new friends, partying, concerts, exhibitions and performances.



In 2012, Virgo will be able to radically change the situation in personal life. March is the most favorable month for this period. You acquaintance with an interesting person may soon turn into a passionate affair, which will completely change your ideas about relationships in general. You’ll become wiser and more experienced, that will help to strengthen the connection with the object of your affection. In the summer, be prepared for the fact that your love will be subjected to the test. If conflicts become more frequent, make up a joint hobby for you and your loved one.

For example, the design of your own apartment, new interior redecoration. Closer to the fall, your circle of friends is likely to be reduced to a few people with whom you will feel most comfortable. At the end of the year, you can expect pleasant perhaps even stunning news from the beloved person.

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