First meeting after online dating

First meeting after online dating


After having a great number of conversations with candidates for friends, the time comes when you have a first date.
There are two different purposes of the first date:

The first purpose – acquaintance, a glass of champagne, sex.
The second purpose – meeting in order to get to know each other better and find out prospects for future.

First meeting after online datingThe first goal always ends up with sex, and after that there is no second date. The second goal – is the subsequent acquaintance with the prospects for long relationship, which can turn into a long-awaited marriage. If you are determined to continue the meeting for a longer dating, then we can recommend you to meet this person several times over several weeks.

For this time, try to get to know him, as much as possible, in order to clarify the nature of man. And to find out: if you can continue the relationship for future marriage.

If your candidate does not want to learn more about you or he doesn’t like you, then maybe you’d better not continue the relationship with this man, and start communication with another candidate. At the meeting with the candidate, do not forget about security measures. Meet in a cafe and try not to give him your personal information, that is, home address, place of work, home telephone number.

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