Erotic Museum 1

Erotic Museum


When the weather is really hot, it’s great to go to the museum. Some exhibits are astounding.

Wide open

Amsterdam is rightly considered one of the most uninhibited cities. After visiting a couple of thematic museums, you’ll see that.

Erotic Museum 2The first, erotic (AMSTERDAM EROTIC MUSEUM)is a four storey building of bold dreams in the heart of the red light district. You can, for example, look into the room of Snow White and see how full her sexual life is, when she lives under the same roof with seven small men immediately. No one will leave without souvenirs – there is a shop with erotic trinkets there.

If the theater begins with a hanger, then the Museum of Sex (also known as “Temple of Venus” or Venustempel) – with an exhibitionist, friendly opening his coat and displaying his body to the visitors. He is not a real exhibitionist, but he creates the mood. There is also a hanger at the museum of sex, it fits well into the interior, because it is a stylized enormous phallus.

Painted truth

Paris is constantly stirring the hearts of lovers. Here, on the Boulevard de Clichy, among numerous sex shops, there is a Musee de l’erotisme. An antique dealer Alain Plumey and a teacher Joseph Khalifa collected more than 2,000 exhibits related to contemporary art and folk art. A local shop offers erotic films of early XX century. The whole hall of the museum shows the history of brothels. Hot pictures of prostitutes at work are included. There is also a nod to the Russian culture – Russian matrioshka dolls.

For dessert

In the New York Museum of Sex (MoSex) public will not only be entertained, but also taught how to spice up sex life. For example, using means at hand – caramel lingerie, lollipop condoms or a pillow with a penis. A local sex shop will provide you with these and other things of erotic fantasies. We recommend to visit the museum bar “Oral Fixation”, where you can enjoy meals prepared with love and aphrodisiacs.

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