Conclusions of psychologist: what men date online

Conclusions of psychologist: what men date online


A psychologist Mary Vovk held a practical experiment. As a result of mini-survey, it was found that out of 100 men, only two match an average woman.

Conclusions of psychologist: what men date onlineA women’s magazine Pink analyzed psycho-types of men who are happy to get acquainted with girls on dating sites. Staff psychologist of the magazine Maria Vovk registered on one of the most popular online resources and for ten days she communicated, exchanged phone numbers and went on dates with completely different men in order to understand what men can be found online.

The experiment showed that out of 100 men, only 16 went on a date. Two of them were quite intelligent, tactful and witty men. The rest were divided into five psycho-types.

5 psycho-types of men from the Internet

1. Alphonse from abroad – most of Eastern men who post topless pictures. Such a man should be seen as a lover.

2. Lazy homebody – men who spend most of their lives on the computer, eating sandwiches. They will humiliate and destroy successful and attractive women to compensate for their ignorance and lack of success.

3. Jeune premier – these men truly believe that every self-respecting woman is dreaming to be in their arms. Their self-esteem can be compared only to self-importance of Napoleon Bonaparte. They want everything that moves, except mother and grandmother. Such men should be used the way they use women.

4. Married freeloader – a man who got bored with his family life and his wife with curlers in her hair, with whom he has sex 2 times a month on Thursdays. Communication with this man starts with an innocent compliment, like, “You are very charming”. For this type of men, a woman is a free lover.

5. Cavalier – such men fascinate you immediately. After 15 minutes you give him your cell phone number, and an hour later, he climbs up the fire escape to your home with a bouquet of snowdrops at February night. You clearly understand that you like each other. Such a man is not fascinated by the woman, he loves the process, he wants to win a woman’s heart and flirt.

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