Beloved one

Beloved one



Many things have already been told about love. Different people experience it differently. Some people say it doesn’t exist, other people can wait for a true love for all their lives.

Beloved oneBefore you start talking of “science how to love” and that a true love is something more complex and lofty than an ordinary sympathy, you should learn how to love someone the way you may love your stuff – without any mutual obligations, without any dependence, though with dedication and sincere concern. If you can do that – then you can start talking about the nature of true love.

Now imagine that you love a nice person who treats you like a favorite sweater, in the sense that we’ve just discussed. The person loves you quietly and without any insanity. He feels great in your company and requires nothing in return. He protects the relationship and tries to make you feel good, because he will feel good next to you. This is the celebration of life you’ve always dreamed of, haven’t you?

Are you able to love another person this way? Can you take a person as he is, with all his shortcomings? Are you able to take care of another person for reasons of healthy selfishness, without a bill for your services?

Are you able to love, preserving your wholeness and independence, without melting in another person? Or, perhaps, you are looking for this very melting in each other? Maybe, love for you is the loss of personal boundaries when two lonely and miserable “halves” are naively hoping to become a full-fledged unified whole? If so, then you have a big problem that you, however, can be proud of. All love lyrics and half of world art works are created by people – with a similar mental organization. There is something to be proud of, but it has brought happiness to nobody – just sweet sufferings.

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There is no border between a simple sympathy and love – these are just conventions. There is nothing else in nature except more or less sympathy for one person to another. The love, about which so many things were said, differs from the usual sympathy by a “safety contract” for exclusive use of each other. Marriages are made in heaven, but only according to heavenly laws without any registration, fine promises or contracts. Sympathy is the “law of God”, but it doesn’t include the rights and obligations of the parties – this is cheating.

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