meet nigerian woman

How to start dating with Nigerian girls?


We all know the possible reasons that have brought you to the point when you started considering the possibility of dating Nigerian ladies. They all originate from the society you live in. We are not going to claim that if you skip this brief guide, you won’t be able to date Nigerian women. No, of course. You can start dating them, but you are likely to fail. Bear in mind that you are approaching a completely new world which is totally different to the one you dwell in. It is a distinct cultural background and traditions that cannot be compared to anything you know. So, before starting your hunt for Nigerian ladies, take a break and read the following carefully. Your skin colour is not the sole difference.

meet nigerian woman

Let’s be honest, you are fascinated by these marvellous black women who are truly princesses of the entire continent of Africa. Just think about how it feels like to touch, to kiss, to hug and to, of course, sleep with Nigerian ladies…

Religion and religious traditions

The biggest obstacle you are most likely to encounter with is the religion and religious traditions. The whole of the Nigerian population is extremely religious. This is a very important thing to note, if you are an atheist. Do not even start offending her in terms of her religious beliefs. If she considers it as an insult of her religion, then you will certainly fail, and she will break up with you. Now, let us focus on the religions because these represent different worlds. Half of the population is Christian. It does not necessarily mean Catholic, but they are still Christians.

meet nigerian woman

If you are a Christian

Well, if this is the case, then you are probably not going to have a lot of problems when communicating with your Nigerian girlfriend. The reason is that she will easily understand your Western values that are generally derived from Christianity.


If you are a Muslim

However, things change drastically, if you are a Muslim. Then, your chances of success are minimal. Nevertheless, the other half of Nigeria’s population does practice different religions. Islam is one of them, but also the pagan local ones are quite widespread.

If they are pagan

That is a brand-new story and do not even start a relationship with such girls because, if they are pagan, they will simply drive you mad.

The curves of her body are the genuine torture

Another test may be her curves and body. Due to the extreme traditional influence, a lot of Nigeria women do prefer to get to sex only after marriage. That is the genuine meaning of torture. You cannot stand that temptation not to do it.

But, not all is so sad

However, not all of the Nigerian ladies are like this. There are a lot of those who also cannot stand the desire to experience some fun and joy. For this end, it is recommended to date Abuja women who are much more modern in terms of the intimate relationships and sex.

Other advantages

Other advantages of marrying and dating Nigerian beauties include delicious cuisine and good education. Firstly, you will always be full. She will never let her husband suffer from hunger. At the same time, you will always have someone beside you who will keep you entertained all the time.

meet nigerian woman

And finally last thing

One last thing to say is that we advise you to get to the African dating websites in order to find Nigerian girls who want to date foreigners and are ready to get married. Do not waste your time on mail-order brides. It does resemble some kind of prostitutes. Moreover, they tend to be quite materialistic and are obsessed with money. If you want to have what we discussed above, then forget about ordering brides or you will fail.

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