Time to have sex - photo2

Time to have sex?


Time to have sex - photo1If a man has to wait until a woman agrees to go to bed with him, he will not only take her a real beauty, but he will also have time to appreciate her.

Men would not like women to know that they are almost immediately divide women into two categories: “just for fun” and “worthy”. And if you are in the category of “just for fun”, you can never get out of it.

I do not want to say that bitches are prude or conservative. They simply require that the men considered them “worthy”. And for that purpose, they reveal their sexuality, step by step, candy by candy. This behavior allows the bitch to control the situation. As a man thinks a woman somewhat aloof, he realizes that many other men will not get her. In fact, he is not even sure that he will be able to get her. Therefore, he is unlikely to allow himself to come to the conclusion that this woman belongs to the category of “just for fun”.

Time to have sex - photo2Nasty girls are often considered sexually available because such a woman agrees to sleep with a man for quite wrong reasons – and too soon. No matter that she looks quite conservative. No matter if she wears long skirts, has a ponytail hairstyle and attends housewives courses, or whether she wears a tight-fitting mini or open neck – the result will be the same. Anyway, if a woman has sex with a man because she feels she must do it to win his heart, he feels immediately her mood and loses respect.

One man explained me the difference between these two types of women: “Sexy women can be divided into two categories. Some are trying hard to be sexy. And others do not even have to try – they just are. Most men consider the second type of women more sexy. This is quite understandable, as a woman who is trying to prove something, always looks unnatural. The woman, who just lives and is herself, is far more sexy. Men take such women seriously.

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