The bedroom war of a Russian bride and the foreigner.

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Russian bridesfreeMany years ago, Aristophanes in a Greek comedy has often joked in his comedy upon a woman by the name of Lisistrata, which has demanded the women to refuse performing their spousal duty until the war will be finished, for the sake of peace.

The Greeks were able to laugh about this storyline-at that time homosexuality was so widespread, and the services of prostitutes were available and cheap, that is the reason why the idea of a sexual strike of the wives seemed very funny for their men.

This story could be taken “I heard her story, the fruit of imagination, if already in our days a group of women in a Turkish village would not decide to deny their husbands in bedroom joys for as long as those will not repair the underground water well. Petrified man tried to apply educational measures towards their wife, but the resourceful ladies immediately referred to the Quran, which prescribes obligatory “ghusl for janaabah” comfort women. Eventually they could not do anything against the sacred writing in the book that is why they had to fulfill the demand of their women.

And recently the famous method of Lisistrata was remembered by American women who were protesting against the war in Iraq. The anti-war movement’s activists seriously urged all women, condemning the war in Iraq, to deny their husband in having sex, until those tortured by abstinence of it, will rush into voting against military action, or will at least force the Government of America to repair wells in all the cities of Afghanistan

In an interview with an activist of this curious movement, the leader of the talk show on the radio asked “how do you think if your husband was a supporter of the Iraq war, and you had to refuse him in the sexual pleasures, would that effect on your relationship?”

He never got any clear answer on the question, but the common sense could have been expressed in words “and what is the connection?”  It was very interesting the fact, that the question about the influence of sex on the relationship or marriage was asked by a man and the woman that has not given a lot of importance to this issue. She simply declared that this is not the main thing in relations between husband and wife!

But let’s leave aside the American feminists, menacing the underwear in front of their husbands; after all, this is the problem of their husbands and the husbands of women who are following them. Alas, regardless of whether the women supporters or opponents of the war in Iraq, many of them lead their local war on marriage bed using sex as an effective tool of influence on their husband.

Portrait of beautiful bride.Russian wives use sex as a reward for good behavior, or as a means of persuasion, or as punishment the offending spouse … In fact, for many Russian wives sex became the same salable commodity as for representatives of the oldest profession (prostitutes), the only difference is that the buyer is the same man.

In fact the majority of them does not believe or realize that such a policy is destroying their family relations. On the contrary, many of them are convinced that, by denying their men periodically in sex, they are warming up the relation in their couple from habit and prevent cooling.

Perhaps the reason for the confusion is that many Russian women relate to sex as to something animal, which needs to be repressed, or as to the duty which they reluctantly comply. This vision and idea of family life is the main reason why the majority of families split and finish their common living, as one of two people in the relationship eventually stops taking it as something normal, and that brings to a logical end the entire living together.


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