Marriage and the City

Marriage and the City


Metropolis – is a fast pace of life, constant haste, lack of time … She kisses her sleeping husband before leaving for work, he returns home when his wife is asleep. Marriage and the city often resembles love at a distance because of the lack of free time. Living in a big city, we have to rush all the time to have enough time for everything. We spend about three hours a day to get to the place we need, and even more if we take into account traffic jams.

We are surrounded by noise, pollution, which may cause sleep disorders, stress … In this state, a resident of the city gets married.

Marriage in the city is exposed to aggressive environments. We often run somewhere in hope that we’ll be there in time, we are often exposed to different kinds of stress at work. We have little time for rest, we are tormented in traffic jams.

As a rule, the citizens of the city decide to get married rather late – at the age of 28-29, and more often give birth to one child. Only few couples decide to have a second baby. Both husband and wife need time for a career, they don’t have enough time for their family.
Marriage and the CityFive out of ten marriages fail within 5 – 7 years. Every fifth man marries again within the next six years after the divorce. And one in three women doesn’t get married any more.

In a big city, a marriage can be civil, guest or “day off”. Each couple chooses the most suitable option. In a metropolis, people have already learned to adapt their family life to career. They have to agree on the form tof their future family relationships.

Although, due to the rapid growth of the cities, the development of information technology, the social scientists suggest that the concept of “marriage” will stop to exist in the future.

Dating More than One Filipina –

The city has something that brings people spouses. Multistory buildings resemble ant hills, where there are thousands of people, though few people know their neighbors in the face due to the total employment and eternal haste. This brings the spouses together but make them distant from other people. Each of us has a personal zone closed from everyone else. If someone tries to enter the zone, we begin to experience discomfort instinctively. Therefore, spouses benefit from such privacy from the surrounding people and neighbors. They find themselves in their own little cozy little world.

How to preserve a family in a city?

You need to play the game of the metropolis. On weekdays, it takes all the energy, but at the weekend you should try to spend more time with your family and children. Organize field trips and family outings, ride a bike, take your children to the circus, ride together on the carousel.

Spouses can and should invite each other out on dates. A great option is to go to the theater, cinema and a cozy cafe, thinking of the time you first met and started spending time together. Try to make your relationship more positive. Make up a common hobby. Try not to think about the amount of time spent with your husband, you’d better think of its quality. Enjoy every moment spent together. According to the old truth, the most important thing in a family is love and respect for each other.

Love each other and be happy!

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