It's easy! How to strip the girl

It’s easy! How to strip the girl



There are old effective methods: to set her blouse on fire “accidentally” or pour poison into her mojito (“You’ll get the antidote after you strip”).

Why do we need it?

It's easy! How to strip the girlA stupid question? Not at all. You see, sex does not always have to be your goal. That is strategically then you certainly want to have sex with her in bed or on the kitchen table. But it is useful and easy to remove barrier: make her undress – at least some pieces of clothes, at least undo some buttons – in your presence. If you behave well, it will remove her protection. And in the future, you’ll get her faster.

How to get her ready

Find a reason to look into the lingerie store during your walk or at the mall, where you went on a date. Do not force events. Don’t ask her to try something on, and if she does it herself, don’t break into the changing room. If she’s ready to have sex (sometimes it happens), then she will invite you to look. It is enough to create a connection “you + underwear” in her mind.

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How to do it…

“Immediately reject the brute force, as well as pranks – like spilling something on her or put a bug down your back. This can work only with the narrow contingent of girls. When you finally start to kiss (no matter where – in the back of the cinema, in the car or park), instead of kissing her on the open parts of the body, you’d better kiss her through clothing on accessible erogenous zones. As soon as she realizes that she will feel hotter without clothes, she will start to undress herself. Perfect location – upper breast. If you kiss her through her shirt, an unbuttoned shirt will soon be on the floor.

In your bachelor apartment, it should always be hot, and you should climbed the stairs on foot, because “the elevator’s broken down”.

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