How to seduce with your voice

How to seduce with your voice


How to seduce with your voicePhone Sex is a little fantasy plus a pleasant voice, multiplied by masturbation.

He says he doesn’t like female chatter. Meanwhile, the scientists have calculated that in 7 cases out of 10 the man is seduced by the voice!

Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of phone sex. Everyone knows that a beautiful voice may belong to a tangled dyed blonde with acne. But the man imagines her a desirable tanned mulatto with silky hair and luxurious breasts. It is not surprising as all that he “sees” – is her seductive voice. You can seduce, stir, calm down, get horny and fool with just one tool. It is not necessary to sing professionally or master the art of geisha, it’s enough to learn to control his voice.

How to say

A tireless professor of Linguistics Andrew Lynn and his fellow keyboardist and sound engineer Shannon Harris once calculated the mathematical model of a perfect voice, one that people believe that people enjoy and want to hear again. This model is a perfect example of a trained voice of employees at the airports, announcing takeoff and landing. Other scientists calculated the exact formula for people to speak: 164.2 words per minute with a pause of 0.48 seconds and rise-fall intonation of phrases. Are you afraid of Maths? You may feel that you are not ready to calculate the speed of speech and measure pauses? Use your formulaic tips. Tell us about your fantasies, intentions, including in bed. Keep in mind:

  • speak slowly, slow down the tempo (especially if you get used to talk very rapidly);
  • pronounce words with aspiration or mild hoarseness;
  • try not to break the phrase, say full sentences (unless it is assumed that he has to guess about everything);
  • use a question mark as rarely  as possible (hysterical questions are excluded);
  • get rid of any affectedness;
  • intone warm, purr like a cat.

Each piece of advice is not only repeatedly tested, but it can be also explained in terms of evolution and psychology. First of all, your beloved, just as you used to listen to you. The myth that woman loves with her ears, was made by men, to cover up their weaknesses. They fall in love with the voice too (it is calculated that about 40-50% of the first impression of a person comes from his appearance, and at least 30% – voice) or hate it.

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