How to make a profile on sex dating site

How to make a profile on sex dating site


Dating services are very popular today, it’s the same as meeting a person in the street, at work or in college.

However, not all girls and women are able to use this “weapon of mass destruction” of men’s hearts right. Therefore, the results of registration and communication with the opposite sex on the web – are not very good. Today, I will give you the rules of effective use of social networks and other sites for dating with men.

How to make a profile on sex dating siteFilling profile, selecting a photo for the online form – is an art, after having mastered that, you can start finding right men.
After all, men love women with their eyes. In real life they first look at your face, breasts, appearance, online – they first look at the pictures, after which they decide – whether to get acquainted or not.

Even if a man decided to get acquainted with a girl, he may reject her profile, because the information in it is presented incorrectly.
So, ladies, you have to understand that you are trading your profile.

Selecting a photo for the online form

Photo must be taken recently. If a woman is 40 years old, she should not mislead the men, and upload an image in which she is 20 years ago.
It is not fair and will not bring you any bonuses, except negativity from other users.

Most Common Dating Deal-Breakers  –

Avoid images in the bathroom and in unnatural positions.
Many girls want to look like a model, and take terrible poses that even look disgusting.

How to fill out a profile on a dating site

How to make a profile on sex dating site1. Be honest.
If a woman lies about herself filling out personal data, sooner or later, her online boyfriend finds out that and he either stops talking to her, or begins to lie her to use her dishonesty.
Honesty attracts honesty.
If you’re not looking for a liar, then do not lie, just be yourself.

2. Intrigue.
Write about yourself so that your profile was interesting to read.
Even if you are an avid homebody, do not write about yourself in a negative manner.
Instead of “I usually stay at home and do nothing”, please show your lifestyle beautifully: “I love the comfort of home. I love spending evenings at home in peace and quiet. If you want to enjoy a comfortable domesticity with me – come and join me!”

3. Do not go into the details of past relationships with men.
Instead of writing in the status bar: “My ex-husband is a moral monster and a jerk who cheated on me with my best friend”, write “Divorced”.

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