How to get acquainted with Englishman

How to get acquainted with Englishman?


The best option is to do that with the help of mutual friends or on recommendation. You can make a call saying, “Hello! Peter gave me your phone number, with whom you were in the international student camp N years ago. He said, you’re a nice guy, you can help me”. If you have no recommendations or mutual friends, then you will have to act yourself. Do not wait, an Englishman will never come up to you in the street in order to meet you. Take an advantage of the fact that you are a stranger in a strange city, and feel free to contact for help. While he is explaining the way to you, try to make a conversation and tell him that you need a companion.

Like a gentleman, he simply can not refuse you! By the way, when the weather is good in London, Englishmen like to have a lunch on the grass in Hyde Park. Do not miss this opportunity! Take a sandwich with you and sit beside – he will notice you. If you were not lucky to get acquainted with him in the afternoon? Go to British pubs in the evening.

How to get acquainted with EnglishmanHow to have a date?

Ask him to help you choose a gift for your granny. Invite him to stroll along London antique flea markets. At the same time, he will have an opportunity to tell you that his mother has exactly the same clock or a fan in the attic.

What to expect?

Romantic walks in London parks, cozy English pubs, tea party, exquisite conversations and English humor. He may learn you to ride or to play golf. Be sure to take a ride together in a double decker bus (of course, the second floor is better, this way he will have a chance to warm you), take a look at London from a height of  “London’s eye”. In the Tower or visiting the London dungeon you will have a reason to pull yourself closer to him and take his hand, because you feel so scared! At night, go to have fun in SoHo or on a river trip on the Thames.

How to behave?

Do not try to control your temper and pretend you are a cold arrogant woman with impeccable manners. You are unlikely to surpass the English aristocracy. Be yourself. (But, of course, in any case, do not go beyond common decency). Most likely, your companion will like your openness and spontaneity. However, even if your manners are truly royal, an Englishman is still able to detect that you have a lot of shortcomings. It’s okay! Let him be your faithful Pygmalion, and you will be a beautiful Galatea. Listen to his advice. From time to time, remind him that you want to be yourself – after all that’s why he likes you. British people respect other people’s personal space, so you can easily find a compromise, if you’re prepared for it.

How to have sex with him?

British people do not express their feelings openly in public. Only in private. No one knows exactly how the British prefer to have sex – they do not talk about it. You’ll have to rely on your intuition and your feelings. In London, the T-shirts are sold: “No sex, please, we are British”. But we, of course, do not believe it! Perhaps you will find the best sex of your life. Getting in the spirit of the British, you will not tell about it …

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