How to Break Up Gracefully

How to Break Up Gracefully



Do not lie!

Don’t give him any bullshit like “I am not worthy of you”, “You’ll find a girl much better than me” etc. Talk to him simply and openly.

The phrases like “I’m sorry, but I fell out of love”, “I don’t have feelings for you any more, I do not know why” sound much more honest. Try to look a little guilty. Of course, this applies to the guys who didn’t offend you, and you do not want to hurt them badly.

How to Break Up GracefullyHere is another popular phrase that is often used when breaking up: “Let’s be friends!”
As a rule, this phrase does not mean anything – in fact, are you not going to spend time with your ex-boyfriend, to go to the movies and to the clubs with him?

However, sometimes a guy can understand this phrase literally, unaware of the fact that it is a tribute to your good upbringing. He will hope that you will renew the relationship.
So the best thing is either avoid this phrase, or saying it, making sure that the new “friend” is not going to come for a visit and invite you to the restaurant.

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Unfortunately (or fortunately), not all the relationships between men and women end in marriage and a long family life. Things are often quite different: one partner is tired of relationship and seeks for break up. The question is how to make the process of breaking up less painful and unpleasant?

Don’t delay!

If it were your decision to break up, do it as soon as possible. You will torment your former lover with your pity, he will feel something wrong in your relationship, and will try to behave differently, to somehow fix the situation …
In addition, it’s not his fault! Having decided, say it to your partner as soon as possible, without wearing him out.

Do not be angry!
Having decided to talk to him, speak calm and measured. Do not shout or get angry, even if the guy’s starting to get nervous and give you all sorts of nasty things. He does it in order to somehow protect himself from the pain that he is now experiencing.
Put yourself in his place!
Let him speak his mind, do not offend him back and forgive his harsh words. Later, he will appreciate your generosity, and he will have a kind word to say about you.

Do not take revenge!

This advice, rather, for those girls who were dumped. Yes, it’s very painful and frustrating when you are dumped. Still, try to “save face”, do not offend him, force yourself to smile and leave with dignity.
You’ll cry later, when no one will see it. In no case become an avenger. Some women do horrible things, spreading slander about their ex-boyfriends, etc.

Believe me, it is unworthy of an intelligent and beautiful woman!
It would be much better, if you just “let go” the situation and move on. Finally, please take a failed romance as another contribution to the collection of experiences.

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