How to become sexier

How to become sexier


How to become sexierLace underwear – a thunderstorm for male libido – is irrelevant to real sexuality. We found 12 new ways to make you more desirable.

1. Talk about it

People who show interest in their potential partners, seem more attractive and interesting. The creator of the theory of sexuality in the field of dynamic psychiatry Günter Ammon introduced the term “constructive sexuality”, which means the focus on the “discovery” of a partner, an understanding of his / her uniqueness. “Destructive sexuality” – is, on the contrary, the concentration on your own emotions and interests. Gestalt psychologists offer their customers to make lists of words that remind them about sexuality – this erotic game enlarges the repertoire of sexual roles. Offer your partner to make a list of words, fetishes. Do the same thing, and then exchange your notes. Perhaps worn “Bunnies” and “Babies” will lose to more original and exciting nicknames and give your communication some spice and novelty. Another way to talk about sex with your partner is to share erotic fantasies in writing (mail or SMS can be sent in the middle of the day, let the boy’s fantasy work).

2. Don’t be afraid to get hoarse

Until now, the psychologists failed to form clear criteria of sexy female voice. We know that it is getting more seductive at the onset of ovulation (this is due to the hormones that affect the larynx). A direct correlation between the attractiveness of the voice and the number of sexual partners was also proved. However, the scientists haven’t still found out how low or high the tone of voice should be for men to lose control. Despite this, a psychology professor of Harvard University, David Feinberg offers to use the voice of American actress Kathleen Turner as a standard of sexuality.

In this case the characteristic hoarseness is due to physiological characteristics: the presence of free space in the vocal cords, through which the air is literally whistling. Regardless of physiological features of the voice, we can make it more attractive. To do this, psychologists propose to talk slowly to the object of interest. Record your voice (see point 1), saying the words slowly. Pay attention to your voice, it should be level, but not monotonic, and the depth of inhale should be equal to the depth of exhale. Make some free breaths, relax your abdominal muscles when inhaling and stretch when exhaling.

3. Turn off your brain, work your body

55% of first impression of a stranger is formed by the evaluation of appearance and body signals. Only 38% of the attention is paid to communication style, and only 7% – to the content of the conversation. If you want to charm a man – bat your eyes. Let your eyes linger on the selected object for two or three seconds, then take your eyes off and repeat your gaze in a minute. It is also important to reduce the physical distance to the partner. An acceptable social (friendly) distance to a person is in the range from 1.5 meters to 10 cm, everything that is closer is “intimate zone”.

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