How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – 5 Simple Ways


I know you’re shy and want to ask a girl out over text. Though, its really fine! At least, you’re trying instead of those who just end up on stalking a particular girl. Though, text messaging is not the best way to communicate with a girl when you’re asking her out. But, if you ask a girl out over text following a right technique, then she might be interested to go out with you too!

Ask a girl out over text

Today, every single person is having a computer and a cell phone and girls really love chatting with their friends over text. Text messages have become an integral part of communicating with people and also they are free too! When you’ve WhatsApp installed on your phone, its really fun to chat over text rather than talking on phone. Now, I am going to tell you some amazing ways toask a girl out over text.



1. Be Honest – Being honest with a girl you like is one of the most important thing. If you’re not true to her, you will never be able to gain her trust as girls get to know about who’s lying with them. So, being honest will help you in gaining her trust. This way, she will know that you are serious towards her while asking her out for a date. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking her out over text or through a phone call.

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2. Follow the right way of text messaging – If you want to ask a girl out over text, then firstly you should learn the right technique of sending text messages. I have seen guys doing a blunder mistake while asking a girl out over text. Girls really don’t like when guys send messages in a short form. For example : “2″ instead of “to”, “u” instead of “you” and many more like that. Don’t rush while sending a text message to anyone. You need to change your habit of text messaging. If you want her to spend some time out with you, you need to ask her in a formal way.

Another thing that I want you to do while asking her out is – keep your text messages short. Don’t type long text messages as they are quite annoying. Keeping your messages short will let her know that you’re again not in a rush and not kinda excited.. Be patient and use the right technique while chatting with a girl over text.

3. Stay Positive – While you are chatting with her, you have to be positive all the time. Don’t be so sad or don’t be so demotivated every time you talk to her. Instead of gaining sympathy, you will become a loser who’s always talking about his problems. You know why girls love to talk to guys? Because, they need someone to care for them. If you’re the one having so many problems, she might stop talking to you. I have seen guys who are always sharing their own problem with their girlfriend instead of knowing about their girlfriend’s problem. And what NEXT? They broke up soon

So, you don’t need to be a loser telling your own problems! Ask her if she is alright when she seems annoying while chatting with you. This will help her in being comfortable chatting with you. Show her that you care for her whether you are chatting with her over text or even when you meet her personally.

4. Keep flirting – This is one of the amazing ways to keep in touch. Tell her that she’s on your mind. If you tell her so then, she will surely like the way you chat with her. Also, don’t forget to give her special attention while chatting with her. I have even mentioned some ways to flirt with a girl which will help you in getting quite closer to her. You can give her compliments that she was looking really nice when you met her last time. Also, even you can comment on her WhatsApp picture as if you’re chatting with her via WhatsApp Messenger.

5. Ask a girl out – If you want your dream girl to go out with you, you need to talk according to her interest. If she’s talking about some latest movie, you can ask her whether she would like to watch that movie with you.. Tell her that you were also having two tickets and it would be fun to watch together. If you don’t know the person much, you can avoid going for a movie and ask her to meet for a coffee or lunch. This way, you won’t be sitting in silence while watching movie and having coffee together will make the date highly interactive than any other date idea.

Things to know while asking a girl out

1. Don’t ask her out directly as this will not work in your favor. You can start the conversation by greeting her in a casual way and talking about what’s she is doing or how was her day and all.

2. If she is quick in replying to your text messages, then she is interested in talking with you. On the other hand, if she’s replying quite late and sends you a short message which is not in your favor, then you really need to drop the idea.

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