Fundamentals of female sexuality

Fundamentals of female sexuality


We asked the expert about how to attract men, how to reveal sexual potential, whether sex appeal can harm friendship.
A famous psychologist Annette Orlova shares her thoughts on female sexuality with us.

Male passion stimulants

Each man has his own most sexy female image and preferred sexual scenario. However, the studies have shown, like it or not, that male sexuality is awakened “through the eyes”, and therefore the appearance is the most important. There are absolute champions – stressors, stimulants of male passion. First, it is of course the breast – it is almost a passport for a woman. The meaning of “beautiful breasts” is not identical to the concept of “big breasts”, beautiful breasts may be small, but always of a good shape (right bra can help in almost all the cases).

Fundamentals of female sexualityLegs continue the list – especially the ankles (which are difficult to demonstrate, if you wear pants, that’s why skirts and dresses are more desirable), hands and wrists, neck and shoulder area, full lips, white teeth, high cheekbones. But conditionally men can still be divided into those, for whom legs are the sexiest part of the body, and those who find “eyes” the most sexual.

Both men and women have a distinct evolutionary task in their sexual behavior – reproduction. Man is seeking for health and youth in a woman, so that she could conceive and give birth to healthy children, and a woman – in a man – the power and resources to ensure the offspring, indirectly, this set of qualities is embedded in the portrait of a desired partner.

Good muscle tone, smooth skin, bright eyes, full lips, a happy face, light step – all this indicates that a woman is at the peak of her sexual and reproductive abilities. That attracts men on an unconscious level. Childish appearance is often preferred by strong men-fathers who are willing to take care of and look after a woman.

Sexuality should leave some space for imagination, but it should be rather discernible than declared, so a woman can be very attractive even in a business costume, and men, by the way, consider this outfit sexy. And they are crazy about classic white blouse with a couple of buttons unbuttoned and beautiful chain around his neck. This concerns only the outlook, but it is not sufficient.

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