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Five rules to communicate with foreigners


How to get a foreign prince? What rules do you need to know to have a relationship with an eligible match?

Let’s try to sort through general ideas of most foreign men.

Rule number one – always correspond to the image you presented a man the first time.

Have a look at the pictures that helped you to make a foreigner fall in love with you. Look closely. Do you really think that in real life, in daylight you look the same? In the photo, you are wearing a beautiful skirt, with a hairdo, on high heels? For a personal meeting you should also wear a skirt, high heels.

communicate with foreignersIf your image in real life does not correspond to the one which he saw in the photo – do not be surprised if the relationship will not go further than the first date.

Rule number two – in communication you should be open, friendly, forget about mystery.

3. Foreigners are open people, smiling to everyone and everything they meet on the way.

4. If you start to communicate with foreigners, he will feel if you are on the same wave. Forget about all the negative aspects of your life. Show him that you are happy, open-minded, and the only thing you missed in your life, is just such a wonderful man.

5. Do not whine, do not talk about the problems of our country – they are known to the whole world. Imagine that the world is beautiful. Ask more questions about his daily life, about his thoughts and dreams, about his parents, the children, if any, what he prefers to eat, to wear, where to walk on the weekends.

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