Find out how to attract his attention

Find out how to attract his attention


Find out how to attract his attentionHow often do you like a good man, but something prevented you from taking the first step? We’re sure this happened not once. Believe me, to get acquainted with a person, it is not necessarily to come up to him and say “Hi!”. The main thing in this situation is to draw his attention to you.

There are many ways to get his attention. Some girls use them regularly, some vice versa. Remember that in any situation, do not overdo – be realistic. If your passion does not respond – it is easier to forget him than to bang your head against the wall. They say “love can neither be bought nor sold”.

We offer you 5 options to attract the attention of the opposite sex, as well as any other person you are interested in.

1. “Guess” a fact of his life. Be observant – one moment can help you to find out man’s hobby. Say aloud your conjecture and start a conversation. For example, as in the movie “500 Days of Summer” – you’re riding in the elevator, you hear a familiar melody, and talk about it! Believe me, even if you do not guess, the conversation will move forward.

2. Pretend that you’ve already met. There is such a thing as “a rule of three seconds”. It means that if you come up to the person as soon as your eyes met and say with confidence that you’ve already met somewhere – you’ll always start up a conversation.

3. Give a gift. This should not be an expensive perfume or a photo frame, just some little thing. This way you show you attention and affection.

4. Joke. Boys prefer funny girls much more than a Miss Seriousness. Try to relax and be yourself, and the most important – smile! Believe me, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman’s smile!

5. Be visually accessible. Do not hide behind the passers-by, friends or employees. On the contrary – stretch your back, wear bright clothes, be in public view! Your passion will notice you.

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