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Beach dating


Here’s a group of guys playing volleyball. Your attraction is caught by one of them. The most active. He is fit and he has a great tan. This is a real man, he is dynamic, he likes to move.

Beach dating photo3He is afraid of nothing, you can feel with him as safely as behind a stone wall. If you come to the beach in the company of friends, it will be very easy for to get acquainted with him. You can join their exciting game.

Meanwhile, you can see another gut sitting alone under the umbrella like a hermit. We can say about this guy that he is quiet, calm, he doesn’t like big companies. It takes a lot of time for him to choose a woman, but he is a one-woman man.

The best woman for him is the one that will be the head in the relations, strict and rather overbearing.
This guy will be faithful to you, and you can always rely on him. He will not betray. Though he is not ambitious or self-motivated. If you’re ready to be the leader in the relationship, then go for it.

Summer. Heat. The height of the swimming season. You spend almost every weekend on the beach. This is an excellent opportunity to combine “business with pleasure” – having a good time, swimming and sunbathing, and simultaneously building your own personal life.

It’s not that hard to meet a guy on the beach.

This has certain advantages – you can immediately see all the features of his figure. It’s quite easy to meet and communicate with someone you liked. On weekends, when there are a lot of people on the beach, you have more chances to meet someone.

By the way, watching how a man behaves on the beach, you can learn something about his character and way of life.
Here’s another guy. He lay not far from you. All things are neatly folded, flip-flops, bag, towel – everything is neat. There are two variants: either he has recently returned from deployment, or he is very pedantic.

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His things are unlikely flung about in disorder at home, he always does washing up, such a man can train anyone to be orderly. Unfortunately there aren’t any more positive features. He is unlikely to be a lot of fun.
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According to psychologists, such men doesn’t make much money, they are not romantic either. And it is possible that he tramples on family members about the order and cleanliness in the house. Such a man will torment you with his pedantry and tediousness. It is unlikely that you dreamed of such a prince.

Summer is a romantic and wonderful time. It’s time to meet and build relationships. The sun is shining, and under its influence, our body releases a hormone of happiness – serotonin, and it – in turn is responsible for the production of sex hormones.
This explains our desire to love and be loved. Wear your most beautiful swimsuit and ran to the beach to meet adventures!

You may think that an acquaintance on the beach is not serious.
Psychologists say that 30% of beach acquaintances become a relationship. Be happy!

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