Are sober hookups a thing to be proud or to be avoided

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Why do many people drink before getting laid with a casual partner? Well, it’s surely to reduce the inconvenience and shorten the distance between them and a new person for a better sex.

What about sober hookups then? Are they really impossible or inconvenient to the degree of being avoided? Experts on casual relationships are here to break some of the myths and stereotypes.

“Modern singles need to understand there’s nothing wrong in being sober during casual hookup. Just their self-confidence should be raised for presenting themselves brightly even when sober.

Take a look at those social groups who do not drink alcohol but they’re into the hookup culture. For example, vegans and progressive sportsmen. Nothing stops them from sober hookups”.

“Luckily, alcohol parties with sex are gradually losing their positions. People try to improve their quality of life, celebrities are eating spinach with orange juice. But nobody quits hookuping.

It becomes an art since one needs to enchant the other with his personal charisma, humour, communication skills, rather than just exploiting the drunk body. It’s a more exciting process now”.

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