7 Deadly Sins of relationships

7 Deadly Sins of relationships


Relationship is a delicate matter. And no matter how wise we are, anyway, every woman makes mistakes. Unfortunately, the girls tend to shoot themselves in the foot, so we have prepared for you a list of seven deadly sins of relationships. Find out what mistakes we make, communicating with the opposite sex. Maybe it’s high time to reconsider your attitude to the beloved man.

7 Deadly Sins of relationshipsSo, what are Deadly Sins of relationships?

First-date sex

Sex on the first date rarely grows into something serious. More often the first date turns out ot be the last one, sometimes it is repeated, but it can turn into serious relationship in exceptional cases. Having had sex on the first date, the man loses interest and he is unlikely you’d become his girlfriend. Think before immediately having sex!


Don’t tell the object of your affection about all the sad stories of your childhood when you just started to communicate. Think before you speak, don’t give too much information at once. Do not become an open book for him. In addition, you can frighten him with such stories or create an image of a dramatic lady.

Information attack: text messages, calls and messages in social networks

Despite the fact that we spend about half a day on social networks, it does not mean that every time when you see him online, it is necessary to write the message. Don’t be a nuisance. Otherwise, you’ll get an unpleasant effect.


Do not read his messages, do not try to remember his passwords of social networking sites, in order to delete all the “girlfriends” from friends. If he finds out – it’ll go the worse for you.

Fake orgasm

Fake orgasms is not an option. After all, he is confident, and you – unsatisfied. Imagine, if you marry him. What of it? Fake orgasms for life? Try to understand the problem and then you’ll both enjoy sex.

Trying to change him

Most people do not change, especially men. So if there are some things you do not like about himĀ  – do not make the Napoleonic plans. Accept his shortcomings or look for another object.

Neglecting yourself

Do not sacrifice yourself or your principles for the relationship! No matter how much you may love him, don’t turn into an absolute “WE”. Remember that you are a personality. And if you do not think about yourself, your man will remain focused only on his own personality.

Hopefully this list will help you understand what destroys relationships. And you’ll be together forever with your partner!

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