How we behave after a break-up

How men behave after a break-up

The results of the study, conducted by one of the online dating sites are as follows: every forth man quickly falls in love with another woman. In order to recover, the stronger sex needs … four weeks. Thus, they have a defence mechanism that protects male ego.

Best female qualities

Cosmo found out what traits a girl should have for her dreams of eternal love to come true.

You are an inspired listener

A man is looking for the one that is able to listen to everything that he cares about – from problems with the boss to the selection of jigs for fishing. Attention! It is prohibited to listen and paint your nails (stroke a cat, view friends on the social network, do online shopping) at the same time. What is allowed? A close look and clarifying questions.

Does ideal relationship exist?

To be honest, I do not know how to build relationships. Theoretical knowledge is more than enough, but in practice it turns out nothing. Once a good man appears in my life, it turns out that I fell helpless without him.

When a man is needed, for some reason, you need him 24 hours a day. A woman is holding him as if she is riding a motorcycle on a busy road and she is afraid to fall under the truck.

Unforgivable things in a relationship

They say, everything can be forgiven. But this is not true. After all, love and relationships are mutual work. And there are some bad things that we remember all our life and they poison our relationships.

Therefore, do not think that a man is ready to forgive and close his eyes to everything, even if he is in love with you and carry you all the time. There are some things beyond his love for you and you should not cross the line.