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Does ideal relationship exist?

Does ideal relationship exist?To be honest, I do not know how to build relationships. Theoretical knowledge is more than enough, but in practice it turns out nothing. Once a good man appears in my life, it turns out that I fell helpless without him.

When a man is needed, for some reason, you need him 24 hours a day. A woman is holding him as if she is riding a motorcycle on a busy road and she is afraid to fall under the truck.

One good man, when he was leaving on a business trip for three days and wiping my tears, jokingly asked:

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– Do you want to keep me permanently on the chain?

I thought about it and answered honestly, that actually I would not mind. He laughed, then it seemed ridiculous to him.

I shouldn’t do that. You can’t build a relationship trying to make him always be by your side.

I realized that one night and immediately became happier. For an hour. Then one good man forgot to send me a “Good night!” message and my happiness was instantly blown away. Because my theory does not work in real life, with real people who love someone.

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