Does ideal relationship exist?

To be honest, I do not know how to build relationships. Theoretical knowledge is more than enough, but in practice it turns out nothing. Once a good man appears in my life, it turns out that I fell helpless without him.

When a man is needed, for some reason, you need him 24 hours a day. A woman is holding him as if she is riding a motorcycle on a busy road and she is afraid to fall under the truck.

Dating cougars online –

This dating service is a great chance for everyone to have new experience with beautiful eye-filling precious ladies and super hot guys. has a large database of real men and women aimed at finding a proper person to flirt and date. This is an exciting experience.

Sex in school? No problem, only in sex school

Many people believe that sex is a deeply intimate thing, and you can make it only in private. A resourceful Austrian sex teacher thinks differently.

Ylva Maria Thompson opened the first international sex school in the world. Ylva Maria promises to teach everyone in the world to have sex.

Men can’t be blamed for falling asleep immediately after sex!

It’s no secret that women whose men fall asleep immediately after sex, feel insecure and unhappy.

Psychologists of the University of Michigan stress that arms and talk after sex are the most important thing in a relationship. And the way the couple spends time after having sex, is not less important than lovemaking itself.

Conclusions of psychologist: what men date online

A psychologist Mary Vovk held a practical experiment. As a result of mini-survey, it was found that out of 100 men, only two match an average woman.

A women’s magazine Pink analyzed psycho-types of men who are happy to get acquainted with girls on dating sites. Staff psychologist of the magazine Maria Vovk registered on one of the most popular online resources and for ten days she communicated, exchanged phone numbers and went on dates with completely different men in order to understand what men can be found online.

Meet your sexual match on

The name of the service is quite true, because all you can do here is to hook up. It’s rather difficult to arrange a meeting with a girl you liked. Girls’ requirements are quite high. You’ll have to do something really extraordinary to make the girl go on a date. What is interesting, that those girls have average appearance, though they think they’re princesses and treat men like jerks.