Erotic Museum

When the weather is really hot, it’s great to go to the museum. Some exhibits are astounding.

Wide open

Amsterdam is rightly considered one of the most uninhibited cities. After visiting a couple of thematic museums, you’ll see that.

The first, erotic (AMSTERDAM EROTIC MUSEUM)is a four storey building of bold dreams in the heart of the red light district. You can, for example, look into the room of Snow White and see how full her sexual life is, when she lives under the same roof with seven small men immediately. No one will leave without souvenirs – there is a shop with erotic trinkets there.

Real people real sex on

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No personal life

If you get tired so much, that you do not have either strength, or time to have sex, then you need to change something.

There are no free lines in your diary, from Monday to Friday : meetings, talks, trips … A thousand and one important things that simply must be done. As a result, you come home late and you feel like a squeezed lemon. And even if a handsome man has long been waiting for you with a bottle of champagne, it does not inspire you. Generally you have long been uninspired.

The place for real dating success –

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Best female qualities

Cosmo found out what traits a girl should have for her dreams of eternal love to come true.

You are an inspired listener

A man is looking for the one that is able to listen to everything that he cares about – from problems with the boss to the selection of jigs for fishing. Attention! It is prohibited to listen and paint your nails (stroke a cat, view friends on the social network, do online shopping) at the same time. What is allowed? A close look and clarifying questions.

Join and have lots of fun online on

Let’s see what distinguishes from other dating services. As a date service it is the place where different people can meet and communicate with each other, either for a date or sex or something more.

It is distinguished by the fact that it has an easy and what is most important free registration. After filling in several fields you have unlimited access to all the option of the site, you can do it anywhere, in the privacy of your home, or in a cafe etc. Profile information helps you to choose the people you want to talk with, due to it you can see general information about the person, you can compare your interests and decide whether he / she is suitable for you or not.