Experiment 3: Phone Sex


We waited until my parents went to the country (just like in youth), taking our daughter, so we’ve got an additional territory. In the evening, Dennis took me to my parents’ house. Then, he returned to our empty apartment. I was leafing through the magazine, waiting for his call.

Sex in a plane

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Sex in the aircraft resembles high heels: it is not always easy, not always safe but still very desirable. At least to have something to boast (of sex, of course – not the shoes).

Sigmund Freud said that all great discoveries in the world were made in the name of sex. The theory is, of course, debatable, but there’s a strange coincidence that the first man to make love in the sky, was Lawrence Sperry, the inventor of the autopilot. Sperry won the glory of the sex-pilot in November 1916, when the airplane aboard which he was with his student, crashed. Fortunately, both survived, but the rescuers found them completely naked. This amusing story, which got a lot of publicity, was the subject of many jokes, but at the same time it laid the foundation to the movement Mile High Club.

Experiment 2: ICQ sex


Denis went on a business trip to a nearby town for a couple of days. He called me and said that he had access to the Internet and no neighbor: “Well, we can try sex using icq, the night is young!”

Frankly speaking, I had other plans for the night. I planned to work a little, and then go to sleep, lying in my bed like a starfish. But the experiment and responsibility pushed personal priorities.

How to seduce with your voice

Phone Sex is a little fantasy plus a pleasant voice, multiplied by masturbation.

He says he doesn’t like female chatter. Meanwhile, the scientists have calculated that in 7 cases out of 10 the man is seduced by the voice!

Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of phone sex. Everyone knows that a beautiful voice may belong to a tangled dyed blonde with acne. But the man imagines her a desirable tanned mulatto with silky hair and luxurious breasts. It is not surprising as all that he “sees” – is her seductive voice. You can seduce, stir, calm down, get horny and fool with just one tool. It is not necessary to sing professionally or master the art of geisha, it’s enough to learn to control his voice.

Experiment: Skype sex


What is needed:

qualitative “Skype” connection

Organizational issues were settled quickly: we found a qualitative Skype connection and the place for communication. It was more difficult to put yourself in a good mood. My husband is a reserved person, he remained calm, which can’t be said about me. I even begged my sister: “Can you do that for me?” – “With your husband?” – she laughed and closed the door. She found it ridiculous …

How to become sexier

Lace underwear – a thunderstorm for male libido – is irrelevant to real sexuality. We found 12 new ways to make you more desirable.

1. Talk about it

People who show interest in their potential partners, seem more attractive and interesting. The creator of the theory of sexuality in the field of dynamic psychiatry G√ľnter Ammon introduced the term “constructive sexuality”, which means the focus on the “discovery” of a partner, an understanding of his / her uniqueness. “Destructive sexuality” – is, on the contrary, the concentration on your own emotions and interests. Gestalt psychologists offer their customers to make lists of words that remind them about sexuality – this erotic game enlarges the repertoire of sexual roles. Offer your partner to make a list of words, fetishes. Do the same thing, and then exchange your notes. Perhaps worn “Bunnies” and “Babies” will lose to more original and exciting nicknames and give your communication some spice and novelty. Another way to talk about sex with your partner is to share erotic fantasies in writing (mail or SMS can be sent in the middle of the day, let the boy’s fantasy work).