The history of the wedding ring

At the wedding, the bride and groom exchange wedding rings as a sign of love and fidelity to each other, and after that they are declared husband and wife. It is very beautiful and romantic.

Few people know that the tradition of wearing the ring on the bride’s finger came to us from the ancient Rome. Previously it was done purely for commercial purposes.

Love Horoscope 2012: Cancer, Leo, Virgo


Cancers will have many interesting acquaintances, pleasant events, fulfillment of wishes. In the beginning of the year, it is recommended to spend more time with your family. Loved one and close relatives can provide support, which you need.

Try not to cling to the past and leave behind your doubts and complexes. Then in the summer you can enjoy increased popularity among the opposite sex.

Marriage and the City

Metropolis – is a fast pace of life, constant haste, lack of time … She kisses her sleeping husband before leaving for work, he returns home when his wife is asleep. Marriage and the city often resembles love at a distance because of the lack of free time. Living in a big city, we have to rush all the time to have enough time for everything. We spend about three hours a day to get to the place we need, and even more if we take into account traffic jams.

Love Horoscope 2012: Aries, Taurus, Gemini


This year is marked by major changes in destiny. In the beginning of January, you will feel positive changes in the relationship with your beloved one.

If you are in search of the soul-mate, the long-awaited acquaintance is possible in February. It is also possible that your ex will call you in the middle of the year. Try to carefully analyze your emotions. Most likely, you are unlikely to make up your mind to renew relations. In August, it is important to create a harmonious atmosphere all around you. Spend more time with your family and close friends. Closer to autumn you can idealize your relationships with your beloved one. Take a break and balance your feelings.
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Why do men throw up women: 10 real reasons


Only a few men can say honestly why he is leaving. Most of them prefer to say common phrases which have very little useful information.

Do you want to know why they do it? We present you the results of the study conducted on the site – Please note – it’s only half of cases when it was woman’s fault, so if you were dumped, do not blame yourself that you didn’t get on with him.

How we behave after a break-up

How men behave after a break-up

The results of the study, conducted by one of the online dating sites are as follows: every forth man quickly falls in love with another woman. In order to recover, the stronger sex needs … four weeks. Thus, they have a defence mechanism that protects male ego.