Natural love

There’s nothing funnier than a declaration of love. If our psychic organization does not have a separate feeling called “Love”, then what a person feels which he calls love? Inside, he feels sympathy and obsessive affection, coupled with the fear of a possible loss, he makes a logical conclusion that all this is probably  “love”.

How to Break Up Gracefully


Do not lie!

Don’t give him any bullshit like “I am not worthy of you”, “You’ll find a girl much better than me” etc. Talk to him simply and openly.

The phrases like “I’m sorry, but I fell out of love”, “I don’t have feelings for you any more, I do not know why” sound much more honest. Try to look a little guilty. Of course, this applies to the guys who didn’t offend you, and you do not want to hurt them badly.

Beach dating

Here’s a group of guys playing volleyball. Your attraction is caught by one of them. The most active. He is fit and he has a great tan. This is a real man, he is dynamic, he likes to move.

He is afraid of nothing, you can feel with him as safely as behind a stone wall. If you come to the beach in the company of friends, it will be very easy for to get acquainted with him. You can join their exciting game.

Love Horoscope 2012: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


This year will be very successful for you. You’ll be able to implement many of the plans, creative projects, as well as to achieve prosperity in love.

In the winter, single Capricorns may have a long-awaited meeting with your partner. This acquaintance can completely change the way of your life: you will spend less time working and more – for entertainment in the company with the object of your affection.


Why do people come to the stores that sell erotic products?

Curiosity. The actual reason when you are young. Everything is interesting and you do not need anything else, because the potential of a healthy body rejects everything superfluous.
To diversify your sex life. In the middle age, you want something hot, you are afraid that modern life can pass by.
Orgasm. Sex toys help to achieve and strengthen it.
In order to improve your sex life. When you are single or when you have problems your sexual life. Sex-shopping can be recommended by a sexologist.

Love Horoscope 2012: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Since the beginning of 2012, you should expect favorable events.

In the winter you may meet a person with whom you will be able to have conflicts with parents or loved one. Your natural diplomacy and tact will help to quickly find a compromise and normalize the situation. Do not plan your personal important activities.