How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – 5 Simple Ways

I know you’re shy and want to ask a girl out over text. Though, its really fine! At least, you’re trying instead of those who just end up on stalking a particular girl. Though, text messaging is not the best way to communicate with a girl when you’re asking her out. But, if you ask a girl out over text following a right technique, then she might be interested to go out with you too!
Ask a girl out over text
Today, every single person is having a computer and a cell phone and girls really love chatting with their friends over text. Text messages have become an integral part of communicating with people and also they are free too! When you’ve WhatsApp installed on your phone, its really fun to chat over text rather than talking on phone. Now, I am going to tell you some amazing ways toask a girl out over text.

The bedroom war of a Russian bride and the foreigner.

Many years ago, Aristophanes in a Greek comedy has often joked in his comedy upon a woman by the name of Lisistrata, which has demanded the women to refuse performing their spousal duty until the war will be finished, for the sake of peace.

The Greeks were able to laugh about this storyline-at that time homosexuality was so widespread, and the services of prostitutes were available and cheap, that is the reason why the idea of a sexual strike of the wives seemed very funny for their men.

Where to meet singles from Derby – online


In this article, we are talking to everyone from Derby and the area who are fed up with conventional dating and who wish to broaden their horizons when it comes to dating and meeting new and exciting people in particular. Of course, everything you will read here goes for the rest of the UK as well, but we have chosen Derby because we care about our town and people who live in it.

Russian brides, sweet naures or gold diggers.

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It is an old but well known story that Russian women who are leaving abroad in order to find a husband, are women who are chasing rich husbands, this kind of opinion comes from people of two categories, the first category are the Russian men who are upset with the fact that those women didn’t choose them, and the second category is  built of women who are envy with the women who were able to get successfully married abroad and lead a great lifestyle, this category of women thinks that for some reason has the right to judge other people and to doubt in the actions of those women, usually when the second category of people is trying to show their opinion off while writing various reviews, they show not only lack of culture, but also lack of intelligence. And the meaner their reviews, and “opinions” are the better can be noticed the fact that they would gladly done the same thing, but for some reason they never were lucky enough. This way we come to the conclusion that the reason of writing such negative articles is the simple feeling of being envy on the fact that someone has something you want but don’t have. Let’s at least try to be honest here and admit that deep down in the soul each woman dreams about becoming happy and getting married to a rich man.

It’s easy! How to strip the girl


There are old effective methods: to set her blouse on fire “accidentally” or pour poison into her mojito (“You’ll get the antidote after you strip”).

Why do we need it?

A stupid question? Not at all. You see, sex does not always have to be your goal. That is strategically then you certainly want to have sex with her in bed or on the kitchen table. But it is useful and easy to remove barrier: make her undress – at least some pieces of clothes, at least undo some buttons – in your presence. If you behave well, it will remove her protection. And in the future, you’ll get her faster.

Beloved one


Many things have already been told about love. Different people experience it differently. Some people say it doesn’t exist, other people can wait for a true love for all their lives.

Before you start talking of “science how to love” and that a true love is something more complex and lofty than an ordinary sympathy, you should learn how to love someone the way you may love your stuff – without any mutual obligations, without any dependence, though with dedication and sincere concern. If you can do that – then you can start talking about the nature of true love.