Love Horoscope 2012: Aries, Taurus, Gemini


This year is marked by major changes in destiny. In the beginning of January, you will feel positive changes in the relationship with your beloved one.

If you are in search of the soul-mate, the long-awaited acquaintance is possible in February. It is also possible that your ex will call you in the middle of the year. Try to carefully analyze your emotions. Most likely, you are unlikely to make up your mind to renew relations. In August, it is important to create a harmonious atmosphere all around you. Spend more time with your family and close friends. Closer to autumn you can idealize your relationships with your beloved one. Take a break and balance your feelings.
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Erotic Museum

When the weather is really hot, it’s great to go to the museum. Some exhibits are astounding.

Wide open

Amsterdam is rightly considered one of the most uninhibited cities. After visiting a couple of thematic museums, you’ll see that.

The first, erotic (AMSTERDAM EROTIC MUSEUM)is a four storey building of bold dreams in the heart of the red light district. You can, for example, look into the room of Snow White and see how full her sexual life is, when she lives under the same roof with seven small men immediately. No one will leave without souvenirs – there is a shop with erotic trinkets there.

No personal life

If you get tired so much, that you do not have either strength, or time to have sex, then you need to change something.

There are no free lines in your diary, from Monday to Friday : meetings, talks, trips … A thousand and one important things that simply must be done. As a result, you come home late and you feel like a squeezed lemon. And even if a handsome man has long been waiting for you with a bottle of champagne, it does not inspire you. Generally you have long been uninspired.

Conclusions of psychologist: what men date online

A psychologist Mary Vovk held a practical experiment. As a result of mini-survey, it was found that out of 100 men, only two match an average woman.

A women’s magazine Pink analyzed psycho-types of men who are happy to get acquainted with girls on dating sites. Staff psychologist of the magazine Maria Vovk registered on one of the most popular online resources and for ten days she communicated, exchanged phone numbers and went on dates with completely different men in order to understand what men can be found online.

Why do girls like older men?

Is there a great number of reasons? Why do you think young girls are happy to marry men who are much older than them?

Version One: materialistic, or evolutionary

In terms of evolution, it would seem, a woman should prefer young and strong men. But we understand that today strength and youth are not the most important things for a living. No matter what anybody says that you can not buy love and health, they can be actually very easily bought. The health of a rich man is stronger, and he receives more love, anyway.

Good morning sms: Start the day with smile

Good morning sms is a guarantee of a good day. What can be better than a couple of phrases on the screen of the mobile phone, read when he is still sleepy? Sending good morning sms, you will provide your partner with a good mood, smile and promising day.

Good morning sms is really pleasant both to get and to send. And if your beloved often sends your sweet messages – send him something romantic too. Website will help you! We decided to prepare a list of the most beautiful Good-morning messages for you that you can send your beloved one.