The Three Secret Things Filipino Women Hate About Men

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If you are trying to impress a Filipino woman it would be best if you also know what are some of the favorite things that they dislike in a man. Yes, Filipino women are not picky when it comes to men but there are certain traits that are considered a turn off. So before you start making a move, it would be wise if you can do some research of your own. In this article, I will be providing you with some helpful tips that you can follow in order to impress Filipino women. Read further and find out.

First of all, Filipino women do not like men who are too confident about themselves. But I guess this applies not only to Filipino but also women of other nationalities. It is not good if a man is too shy and it is also a big turn off if a man is overconfident. So there must be a balance and a man should have enough confidence when trying to court a Filipino women. It is important that a man trusts himself. He does not need to brag his achievements or capabilities to a Filipino woman. If he knows himself well then he need not to show off. Filipino women appreciate men who are humble and down to earth.

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Next is Filipino women dislike men who are disrespectful. Filipino women are graceful and modest and they want men to treat them nicely. Show them your gentlemen manners. Speak to them in a soft manner because if you are rude you can definitely scare them off. Filipino women like men who have values so make sure that you have done your homework before you date a Filipino woman. Know what are some of the things that you should not talk about when you are dating her. In addition, you must also give respect to her family and friends because that is their culture as well as her ideals and respect.


Fatly, Filipino women do not like men who are nasty looking. There are women who like this kind of look but most Filipino women want their men to be well groomed. So make sure that when you go out on a date, you have to look your best. Wear neat clothes and make an effort to smell good. Every Filipino woman likes their men neat looking. In that way they can be proud to show the world that they are with the most handsome man.

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